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Why we're all just toddlers in grown up bodies

Why we're all just toddlers in grown up bodies

We're constantly teething

Hopefully not literally, unless your superpower is continual tooth regrowth and you have a penchant for eating bricks. No, not physical teething, but certainly emotional teething.

What do I mean by that? Well, one thing that we've had to learn how to deal with is the extreme attitudes and sleep problems that go along with our little guy's teething. He loses his temper at the drop of a hat, he has a hard time sleeping through the night, and he certainly doesn't listen to us. One little part of his body is causing discomfort and it affects everything about him.

I realized that I have the same symptoms at times when something small in my life is causing discomfort. That small pain begins to fester and affect my attitude, my relationships, my entire view of the world. It's just enough to take my focus away from where it should be and internalize it, until all I can see is myself.

We're not quite grown up yet

No matter how old you are, you'll always be growing and learning. Never in life does one say, "Yep, learned everything I need to know ever, and that's that."

Ok, maybe someone has said that, but they would be mistaken because, even if you've finished learning in the most intentional sense, you will still forget things. Even if learning is really re-learning, there will always be something new.

One of the coolest things to see is when our son learns something new. He gets this unmistakable look of pride and accomplishment on his face. He knows something new and he will take every opportunity to practice that new skill or knowledge. I can only hope that I take that same excitement into my own learning.

The threat of a little sibling is imminent

We all want things to stay the same or get better. Who would ever want their situation to get worse? The truth is we can't see the whole picture. Yeah bad things might happen at times. Sometimes really bad things happen that change everything about our world, much like a new sibling does to the former only child in the family.

It might be terrible and life-shaking, but in most cases we don't even have the capacity to comprehend the full picture. Our son has no idea what is coming in a few days. We can't even begin to explain it to him, no matter how much we try. There are too many other things for him to invest his time and attention into. He doesn't even know what a brother is. In a lot of ways, we can't begin to know the full picture of our lives either.

We really are just a bunch of overgrown 2 year olds

We will go to the grave as broken and not-quite-fully-formed humans, because that is all we can do. The rest of it is in much larger hands, and that's probably the most supremely comforting thing in the world. After all, I don't want to see the future that I'm in control of because all it could be about is myself. The future I want to see is the one that is orchestrated by someone who couldn't explain it to me because I would never understand.

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