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The Pirate's Lament

The Pirate's Lament

I entered the following piece of flash fiction into a contest that I occasionally participate in called Flash! Friday. Basically how it works is you get 140 to 160 words to write a complete story. That story must be inspired by the picture prompt, and follow a given theme that changes from week to week.

The cool news is that I earned a special mention for this story, mainly because I broke the rules. You see, it's more poetry than it is prose, but I couldn't help myself. Apparently I broke the rules in a novel enough way that people noticed, so I guess it worked out.

Theme: Arrogance

 The Pirate's Lament

I am poor because I was born.

I am an orphan because I was poor.

I am rejected because I was was orphan.

I am a desperate because I was rejected.

I am a sailor because I was desperate.

I am dissatisfied because I was a sailor.

I am a conspirator because I was dissatisfied.

I am a mutineer because I am a conspirator.

I am a pirate because I am a mutineer.

I am feared because I am a pirate.

I am strong because I am feared.

I am bold because I am strong.

I am hated because I am bold.

I am cast off because I am hated.

I am alone because I am cast off.

I am alone because I am a pirate.

I am alone because I was desperate.

I am alone because I was born.

Novel Update

Novel Page is Live!

Novel Page is Live!