I'm Abe Wolfgang, an Electrical Engineer, writer, Father, husband, and full-time lover of story. I blog about those stories, how they impact us as humans, and why they are important. Occasionally I write my own as well.

The Comfort Zone

If you had the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, to do something out of the ordinary, would you take it?

Life has this way of becoming predictable. You live one day after the next, and eventually realize that each one is the same. When people ask you, "What's new?" you more often than not respond with, "Oh, nothing. Just the same old stuff." This can go on for a while before it is even noticed, because it's easy. It's what you are accustomed to. It's what you have been practicing.

The thing is, we are talking about practicing to be average. Your average muscles are strengthened, and everything else atrophies.

I've felt this, because I find myself more and more scared of doing something out of the ordinary. My comfort zone is go to work for eight hours, then come home and spend a night with my family. The moment something comes in and shakes up that normality, I get a little scared, and a little stressed. 

So I've been training my spontaneous muscles. I've started signing myself up for things that the normal me would not do. I say yes, where the old me would have found some kind of excuse. Instead of following the crowd, I try something new, and do you know what? It terrifies me.

It scares me to death, and that is how I know that I am making progress.

Sometimes it is Difficult

We Have Arrived

We Have Arrived