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Sydney Day Trip!

Sydney Day Trip!

This bridge is really impressive in person.

Being in Australia, and only 3 hours from Sydney, we decided to take a day trip to see the city. It turned out to only be a day trip because a few interesting things were going on in the city that jacked the hotel prices up by about double. Also, it was really hard to find a place that even had availability. Either way, we have found that it is difficult to stay in a standard hotel room with the little man since he knows that we are still in the same room and just wants to play with us.

My beautiful wife at the Opera House

Driving in Sydney is a pain, but I think any Australian that you talk to would agree that parking in Sydney is torture. The place is absolutely packed, not to mention we went on a really busy day, and some of the garages can be upwards of $70 per day. Yikes! After driving in circles and pulling our hair out for half an hour, we were able to come across a spot that was offering a flat rate special of $15 for the day, and had plenty of space for us. Tired, hungry, and bald we made our way to a Mackers and enjoyed a deliciously unhealthy cheeseburger because finding real food would have been too exhausting and time-consuming. 

As I mentioned, there were two events causing the unusually high traffic in Sydney. First of all, it was footy finals (Rugby League) weekend, and it just so happened that both teams were Sydney teams. The other reason was that it was during the international fleet review (Like, Prince Harry was totally there). Kidding aside, we did actually go on this particular weekend so that we could see the ships. They had war ships and tall ships from all over the world participate. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity, since this probably won't happen again in my lifetime. This website has lots of information on which ships were there, and some of the events. We didn't see much of it, but what we did was great.


We also were able to see the Opera House (awesome), and a little bit of the city as we took a ferry tour around the harbor. I really wish that we could have spent more time exploring, but we do have an 11 month old who has needs (not to mention an early bed time). Hopefully we will be able to make another trip over to see more of the city before we leave, but I'm glad we were at least able to see as much as we did.

The Sydney Opera House

Part of the Sydney skyline as seen from the harbor

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