I'm Abe Wolfgang, an Electrical Engineer, writer, Father, husband, and full-time lover of story. I blog about those stories, how they impact us as humans, and why they are important. Occasionally I write my own as well.

Shiny. New. Website.

If you didn't notice. This website is new, and it is officially mine (take that Wordpress!). Since I have control over the website, I will be able to do a lot more interesting and different things. I am no longer limited, and it feels good. I will, of course, be keeping up with the blog, but now I have options to branch out and try new things. I'm pretty excited about this, so make sure to hop around the website every once in a while to see what I'm up to.

Also, as a new feature, I have added the ability to easily follow my new blog posts via email or RSS reader. Check the links that are below each blog post, or head on over to the subscription page. This is also a good time, if you are currently subscribed in any way to my old Wordpress site, to cancel that subscription and to update any bookmarks or links you are using.

Hope you enjoy!


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