I'm Abe Wolfgang, an Electrical Engineer, writer, Father, husband, and full-time lover of story. I blog about those stories, how they impact us as humans, and why they are important. Occasionally I write my own as well.

Novel Update

This is your ever friendly reminder that there is new content on the alpha reading project.

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In related news, the project is now above and beyond the initial (admittedly low) goal of 50,000 words. If you held me down and asked me how long it's going to take me to wrap this story up, I would first ask you to stop holding me down, then I would guess it will be done by the end of the month and clock in around 75-80k words. Once again, don't ask me what that is in pages, I have no idea.

I'm hoping to be able to continue to write additional content for the blog, it just gets pushed aside by this project and probably won't pick up again until I'm through my rough draft. Hopefully you are reading along and enjoying the story, even in the rough form that it is in. If you are, know that you are rapidly catching up to me, and it will be my goal to stay on top of things so that there is new stuff here every week.

Let me know if you need the password, otherwise click on through and enjoy the ride!

Something Strange Happened Last Night While Writing

Novel Update