I'm Abe Wolfgang, an Electrical Engineer, writer, Father, husband, and full-time lover of story. I blog about those stories, how they impact us as humans, and why they are important. Occasionally I write my own as well.

Blog Disclaimer

I'm only a few posts in to this blog, but I felt it somehow necessary to share the purpose of this website. I hope that one day this site is important and changes lives, and maybe even brings people to Christ. All of those things would be nice, but that is not why I am here.
I am here to find my voice. I am here to start. I want to dive into this fully committed. It's that simple. I decided that if I want to be a better writer, then I had better write. If I want to build an audience and find people that I connect with in the world, then I had better get out there. The only way to improve is by actually doing something, so here I am.

On that note, I thank you for reading and hope that in some way these ramblings are insightful. I'm glad you are here and comforted to know that there is someone out there who is willing to share this journey with me. This blog will eventually get better. I will find a topic at some point, and my writing will improve.

For now, I invite you to start something with me. Maybe it's your own blog, or that book you always wanted to write, or language you never got around to learning. Whatever it is, let me know and we can encourage each other along the way.


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