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I Resolve

Changing something about yourself because the calendar changed is kind of a strange idea.

That's my main issue with resolutions. Now, if you have a New Years resolution I think that's great. You should totally lose weight or exercise or meditate. What I'm talking about here is going beyond that. Don't just resolve something, plan it and make it a goal.

What I'm talking about is shifting from New Years resolutions to New Years review. Let me explain.

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The Role of Fandom in Media

With the new Star Wars film out this weekend, I've been thinking about how fandom fits into modern media. Just in case you haven't seen the movie yet, this is a spoiler-free discussion.

I'm a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. There are more hardcore fans than me, and I certainly don't consume every single piece of Star Wars that is ever released (I haven't even seen any of the animated stuff), but I do enjoy the films and the theming and atmosphere of Star Wars. So around the release of the new films I get excited.

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Welcome to December

It's a pretty great month, right?

Holidays, time off work, focus on family and thankfulness, remembering the greatest gift to us, eggnog. These are all good things. And I'm in need of some good things at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed and have a great life, but sometimes my day-to-day starts to wear me down and I just need a break. A change from the normal.

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What Are Stories?

Before we get into talking about stories and how we relate to them, and what they do to us, we need to talk about what stories actually are. Before we can delve into why these things are so important, we need to understand what we are actually talking about.

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With Great Power...

Why do we like stories about super heroes?

Every summer, without fail and without abandon, several movies will come out about ordinary people who have extraordinary power. I'm talking about superheroes, of course. Superman, the X-Men, Iron man, Batman, the list goes on. As a culture right now we are inundated with these power-toting, tight-uniform-wearing, death-defying saviors of the entire universe. There's a problem, it threatens the entire world, and there is only one person (or one team of people) who can solve it. The circumstances and scenery might change around these characters, but the constant is that these are all action stories with some other stuff thrown in for flavor.

I'm not saying that they are all the same. Well, I kind of am saying that, but bear with me. When you cut down to the heart of things, almost all stories are the same. But don't let me get all philosophical and blue-sky-thinking on you, there's plenty of that to come. I intend to break down these genres and really dig into them to see what I can find. Yes it's all speculation on my part, yes I'm doing my best to research these topics and cultivate a better understanding of things, but at the end of the day I'm just a guy with some opinions about things. I get things wrong. I'm under no illusion that what I have to say about something is the last word that is to be spoken on the subject. What I'm doing here is trying to work out these subjects myself, and the reason I post this stuff is to get you, dear reader, to think about it as well.

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