All in Chasing the Dream

Where's that Story?

A little while ago I put a short piece of a novella I wrote (and also narrated) up on my blog and said that I wanted to self-publish it. My original goal was to do that a few months ago, which obviously didn't happen. 

The problem is I'm not so sure I want to release it anymore.

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White Sands - Alpha Read

So, first things first, some clarification.

This is the first part (chapter, section, I'm not quite sure...) of the novel that I am writing. I've tried this once before, posting rough draft work, but this time I'm committing to posting the next piece of this story here every Friday. That's right, all 50,000+ words of it, or however long it turns out to be.

I'm currently just over 20,000 into it, and you can actually track my progress on the nifty status bar to the right (at the bottom of the page if you are reading this on mobile platforms).

While I will post the first two pieces into my blog, the remainder of it will be password protected. Don't worry, if you like the story and want to continue reading, I will give you the password. You have zero commitment to me, except that you enjoy the experience. Expect some sort of form or way to get the password when I start protecting them, for now you don't have to worry about anything except reading.

Why am I doing this, especially to a story that I haven't edited? Well, the best answer is that it's an experiment. I want to see how this affects my writing and if it will produce some stronger writing on my part.

In return, if you feel like providing feedback, here are acceptable items to comment on:

  1. What bores you
  2. What confuses you
  3. What don't you believe
  4. What's cool

Stream of consciousness stuff is good too, just don't go crazy critiquing the sentence level stuff. I will be editing this at some point, and all that stuff will be fixed. Just remember that this is a rough draft. It's like a stage rehearsal. What I'm really interested in is your thoughts on the story not necessarily the details.

So, without further exposition on my part, enjoy the story! (Click through to the story)

New Project

Here is an excerpt of something new that I am working on. I'm still fleshing this out, still trying to figure out plot and characters and so forth, and will be doing so for the next few months.

Either way, here is a short sample of what I've been up to. Hopefully I can share more of this soon!